What Can I Do For You?

I am a recent honors graduate in Computer Science (GPA 3.86, Cum Laude) with a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills proven by over 10 years working in a collaborative team environment at FedEx Office. As a programmer and game developer, I have over 4 years experience developing Object-Oriented software and over 3 years developing games with the Unity Game Engine.

My area of focus has been designing and building systems that utilize Procedural Generation and Game AI, and building tools that emphasize Accessibility both in their implementation and use.

Since graduation in June 2022, I have worked on several portfolio projects to deepen my understanding of Object-Oriented Design, C#, and Unity. I also have basic training in C++ and Unreal Engine 4, as well as experience with Java, Python, C, and several other languages that I've touched on as needed.

What's my Work Approach?

I strive to write code that is clean, consistent, easy to read, and easy to maintain. However, as actual application of those ideals can depend on the team and the situation, I also strive to be flexible, inclusive, and open to new ideas.

I believe in the importance of openly sharing knowledge, listening intently, teaching enthusiastically, and meeting challenges with understanding and encouragement.

I think a lot about the impact of my design decisions and how my work can improve the experiences of both users and fellow developers.

Featured Work

Space Sim

Space Sim

Space Sim is a space-themed Unity game economy simulation where AI bots work to develop a dynamic economy in a procedurally generated world.

Initially created as a university project, I've since entirely overhauled and expanded the project on all levels to include cleaner code, in-editor real-time world generation customization, more efficient algorithms, more complete UI, and better visuals.

ACE UI Toolkit

ACE UI Toolkit

ACE UI Toolkit is a Unity plugin that provides a framework to improve the experience of creating custom UIs for game scripts, as well as an in-editor tool for adjusting those custom UIs in real-time, saving the settings to reusable themes.

This is a solo project focused on developing an improved programmer and user UI experience and developing my understanding of Unity Editor coding.

Procedural Generation Research

Procedural Generation Research

Procedural Generation Research was a project designed to explore how virtual medical diagnosis training simulation could be improved using procedural generation.

This was a team research project where I designed and implemented a procedural generation algorithm to generate virtual patients with detailed histories.

Experience & Skills


  • 4+ years experience developing Object-Oriented software solutions prioritizing clean code and applying Object-Oriented Design and SOLID principles
  • 3+ years working in the Unity Game Engine and writing game scripts in C#
  • Designed and implemented customizable procedural generation applications including NPC profile and history generation and organic object distribution based on noise maps
  • Developed tools to personalize and enhance Unity workflow, distributed via Package Manager through GitHub, automating versioning with Semantic Release
  • Performed optimizations for in-game systems and in-editor tools utilizing Unity‚Äôs Profiler to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Enhanced game feel and presentation using tweening (via DoTween), particle systems, and post-processing
  • 10+ years experience in team collaboration, production management, and customer service in a demanding, professional environment

Technical Skills

Languages & Technologies

C#, Java, Python, C++, Unity, Unreal, Blender, Git, GitHub, Trello

Concepts and Skills

Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, SOLID principles, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Systems, Computer Networks, Agile methodologies, Unit/Integration Testing, UML


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